An MMS killer app?


I thought MMS and killer app did not go together until I saw this article from Mike Butcher

It is about weemees

As per the article:

Success has come after “young people” picked up on the company’s mobile avatar, called a Weemee. This is a customisable cartoon version of the owner, designed to represent them online or on their mobile phone.

Creating a Weemee character is pretty simple. A quick registration process on the site leads you into creating your Weemee self. The result can be used as an icon online or – more importantly – on your mobile phone.

and also ..

And its now possible to pay for a download of a 3D version of the Weemee to your mobile phone – bringing in extra revenues to Saw You.

Over 3.5 million Weemees have been created in the UK, 150 thousand of them on mobiles. This means that Saw-You has actually come up with a real commodity for MMS – no mean feat, since MMS media has never really fulfilled it promise. Not only that but Saw-You says it has a 25% repeat purchase rate.

Its good to see someone making a success of MMS. I have always believed that its a good transport mechanism(as opposed to P2P picture sharing i.e. it would be used to ‘send’ some content). The lack of success of MMS just goes to show experts can be so wrong(including me – I was very bullish about MMS as a transport mechanism but so far, it has not lived up to its expectations)

The biggest problem with MMS remains billing (and price point). If billing were sorted out, it would be a great transport mechanism

I note that Orange seems to be using MMS for video messaging. Sounds suspiciously like MMS(wisely they don’t say it is MMS because MMS is too closely associated with ‘picture messaging’)

I wonder if it is though?

What do you think from THIS?