Telco 2.0 and Mobile web 2.0


A few weeks ago, I had lunch with Martin Geddes

Martin and I have similar views; as befitting the names of our respective blogs ‘Telepocalypse’ and ‘Open Gardens’. So, it was a fascinating discussion.

Martin (and Chris Barraclough ) of STL partners are setting up an initiative called Telco 2.0 and a Telco 2.0 event

It’s a pity I can’t attend this because I am speaking at Ajaxworldexpo in Santa Clara but it promises to be a fascinating event. Having written the book about Mobile Web 2.0, I was always interested in what Martin meant by Telco 2.0.

Martin gives a number of definitions for Telco 2.0 on his blog but the best way I can describe Telco 2.0 as I understand it is as follows:

I am a fan of Dr Michael Hammer’s work – specifically his book Re engineering the corporation

In that context, I can describe Telco 2.0 as Re engineering the telecoms industry for the (IP) future .

This fits in with Martin’s concise definition as in : ‘“T2-compliant operator = the stock market believes it has long-term sustainable basis for growth in an IP-based world’

The issues addressed by Telco 2.0 are indeed fascinating because they look at all aspects of a telecoms network(including voice, network convergence, IP etc). In Mobile Web 2.0, I approached the issue from the view point of the Web(which was my background prior to being involved with the Mobile Web in 1999). It took 360 odd pages to write Mobile Web 2.0 i.e. considering the issues involved in extending the ‘Web’ to the ‘Mobile Web’. I can only imagine the complexities of extending the whole existing telecoms infrastructure to the IP world

In any case, I think the Telecoms operators are in good hands with the Telco 2.0 initiative!.

Pity I will miss this event. Its on Oct 4 and 5. Details at Telco 2.0 event. Many people I know are there including Tomi Ahonen and Tom Weiss. Forumoxford is also supporting this event.

If you are there, say ‘Hi’ to these guys!