Today is a Judy Breck’s seventieth birthday ..


judy3.JPG – Judy – circa 1937

Today, my good friend Judy Breck celebrates her seventieth birthday today. If you have never had the pleasure of knowing Judy, I recommend you visit her blog – goldenswamp – and/or read her books

Her enthusiasm is infectious! And her scope of experience is vast – both in the sense of work(see her site) but also her personal experiences which make for some fascinating discussion(how many American presidents she has worked with? I forget!) ..

I met Judy in New York earlier this year. I bought an autographed copy of her book.


Judy calls me a ‘soul mate’; basically because we share a similar philosophy and outlook on life. And I think that’s very true.

I only wish I would have the same outlook on life as she does now when I am seventy

Any comments posted her, I shall convey to Judy. But please have a look at her site or read her books!

Happy birthday Judy!