Dinner with Robert Scoble ..


I had the pleasure of having dinner with Robert Scoble and Russell Shaw at the Cheesecake factory in Palo Alto.

It was good that we could make this – since Rob is off jetting around for the rest of the week and I am in Stanford tomorrow for my talk.

It was great to meet a legendary blogger like Rob after knowing him online for a while.

What struck me was: while most of us are struggling to (text) blog regularly, Rob plans to increase the number of video podcasts on the Scoble show VERY significantly in the next few weeks.

That’s truly amazing since the complexity involved with video podcasts is significant by a factor when compared to text blogs

There is much we can learn from Rob’s sheer energy and dedication to his show

The popularity of the scobleizer blog and Rob’s book Naked conversations shows how mainstream blogging has become. As a publisher and a blogger, I can also relate to this trend. Bloggers are influencing the media, trends, sales and opinion.

This evening was definitely one of the highlights of my US trip

Thanks Rob for the dinner and my treat when you are in London in November.

(Excuse the blurry images. forgot camera charger in London. so got a new camera in duty free – which obviously is not the best in indoor light!)