Don’t miss the mobile 2.0 event in San Francisco – Nov 6


The mobile 2.0 event in San Francisco promises to be a great event. There are many people who I know and respect who will be there. Tony Fish (co-author of Mobile Web 2.0) will be speaking. So will my good friend (and very clued on person ) Judy Breck. Oliver Starr from mobilecrunch is also speaking as is Charles McCathieNevile from Opera. Dr Paddy Byers who blogs on OpenGardens will also be there as will Rudy De Waele

All organised by the ever efficient Daniel Appelquist who founded and co-organises MoMo london

The other speakers are great too

So, if you can be there .. say Hi to all these wonderful people


  1. Hi Ajit,
    There must be a mistake, I will not attend the mobile 2.0 event (though I would love to of course), I just added the event to the mobile events group at Hope to catch-up soon somehere somehow!