Yuvi: A new blogging star is born!

I thought the last post: Inspired by Chicken Run: Google Reader, One Web, Mobile Web 2.0 and Metadata .. would be my last post for this year .. but I could not miss this post about a 15 year old boy called Yuvi from Chennai, India who has done some stunning analysis on Robert Scoble’s blog.

See Robert’s post and Christian Long’s analysis which explains more!

Wish you a Happy New Year!

Thanks for all your support in the year for the OpenGardens Blog


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Experiences of Mobile podcasting?

Do you have experience of a service like melodeo ?

We are about to launch a video and audio podcasting service. As expected, we will have a mobile focus in addition to serving a web audience i.e. our podcasts (audio and video ) would be available on the web as well as the mobile phone

In Europe, practically the only network capable of actually deploying a mobile podcast is three (due to the priceplan issues)

Hence, I am interested in understanding

a) Do you use a service like melodeo? see the mobilcasting blog for more insights

b) If so, for what podcasts

c) do you have a fixed price plan

d) Do you use video podcasts

e) Any other experiences about mobile podcasting welcome

kind rgds


EV-DO vs WCDMA: Who’s ahead?


By Chetan Sharma

Broadband is in the air. It has been an evolving year for wireless broadband in the US. It moved from test-beds to real markets nationwide; both EV-DO and WCDMA have made progress, but which technology is likely to be more pervasive in the coming years?

There are 3 critical things that matter the most in the evolution cycle of any wireless technology, namely – the network coverage, the device choices, and the devices and the services cost to the consumer.

In terms of network coverage, even though Cingular (then AT&T Wireless) got a head start with its ceremonial UMTS deployment in four markets, Verizon and Sprint Nextel have jumped much further ahead in terms of national coverage. While Cingular has only covered 52 major markets in 28 states (just over 50% market) thus far, both Verizon and Sprint are nearing complete nation-wide coverage. T-Mobile won’t get into the picture until well into 2007. Alltel, the number 5 carrier in the US has been spreading its EV-DO coverage as well.

In the critical area of handsets, EV-DO is ahead by a mile. As of Sept 2006, there were 15 3G handsets available in the market (representing approximately 20% of the available handsets from big four), 14 EV-DO (10 from Verizon, 4 from Sprint Nextel) vs. 1 UMTS/HSDPA handset from Cingular.

Average Selling Price (ASP) is approximately $130 on the low-end phones and $250 on the high-end. To its credit, Cingular’s LG CU 500 is available at sub-$100 to make it attractive for mass-market; however, it needs much better market coverage and broad range of devices before it can start catching up with its CDMA buddies. The pricing for broadband-friendly services are still in a state of flux but becoming attractive by the day. Starting this Christmas season, we should expect the gap between the two technologies start to narrow as Cingular plays catch-up.

As of 2Q06, CDMA carriers had 93% of the 3G subscribers in the US with Verizon leading the pack with over 80% of the 3G subscribers. 2007 will see the introduction of HSDPA/HSUPA and the evolution is expected to continue with HSPA and LTE by 2009. On the CDMA track, Sprint Nextel and Verizon are already testing and introducing Rev A devices. EV-DO Rev B and Rev C are likely to be introduced in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

So, what can we expect in the next few years? In a way, this match of EV-DO vs. HSDPA in the US is akin to GSM vs. CDMA tussle 5-6 years ago. By the time, AT&T Wireless finally decided to abandon TDMA in favor of the GSM evolution, CDMA 1x RTT was well ahead of the game. EV-DO is clearly ahead in its 5 year maturation cycle in the US and will continue to enjoy a dominant market-share till at least 2010 (though WCDMA will completely dominate EV-DO worldwide). By that time, 3G penetration will reach over 50%.

Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher are now blogging at Vecosys


I saw this post on Nic Brisbourne’s blog theequitykicker, Sam and Mike have started blogging at vecosys. Sam and Mike are well respected in the UK and have a lot of good Karma and mindshare. Mike is also the main editor of Mobile Web 2.0. It’s good to see them back in action. Vecosys will be the one to watch! Mike’s personal site is at mbites

Living a mobile life ..

Sometimes blogging helps you to develop ideas by harnessing collective intelligence! An idea may resonate with people around the world and may be developed almost instantly into what it was originally proposed.

Almost within an hour of posting my blog My 2007 resolution: Living a truly mobile life .. I got an email from Bill Brister co-founder of individui

I reproduce(with permission) an email from Bill

> Ajit -




> I am a big fan of your blog and what you post about. I have been working

> on a concept for the past 6 months about exactly what you posted about last -

> Living a mobile life! My partner and I launched our company a month ago

> with one vision in mind . Live Life Mobile! You can find us here -

> www.individui.com ;


> We are rolling out slowly to begin with, since SMS technology is not as

> “up to speed” as the European and Asian markets are. We are introducing this

> functionality to businesses now in order to create a small but steady flow

> of revenue. Our goal for 2007 is to do exactly what you wrote about “Live

> Life Mobile!”


> Thanks for such a GREAT blog and I hope to hear from you soon.




> Bill Brister

While the site has still services being developed, the possibility of collaborating with sites globally is interesting because it will lead to better services/more ideas and ‘making a bigger pie’ – which is of interest to me in general when it comes to the Mobile Data Industry.

The second piece of feedback came from Vladimir Dimitroff – (posted in forumoxford). I am a great fan of Vlad’s views and although we both live in the UK, we have yet to catch up.

Vlad says ..


A mobile life would reflect to a large degree our.. ‘non-mobile’ life, even if that means only what we do with a PC

For business you first need to stay connected – you have the Blackberry (not sure why – unless it’s paid by a client or employer). To carry less paperweights/bricks in your pockets, download and test on your Nokia some of the excellent free Java mail clients – you’ll never miss a mail.

Then you need an ‘Office’ suite – text editors and even spreadsheets are also available in Java.

Practical little gizmos like time-sheets, expense trackers, personal finance, language translators, currency converters, measuring unit converters, street and underground maps – are all abundant in Java for all handset makes, mostly free.

Some suites like Morange or Reporo (little apps tied to a service) provide a collection of functions like news, chat, RSS, weather, travel info etc.

There is the ubiquitous Google Maps for mobile – but also Mobile GMaps – another app that adds to Google also MSN, Yahoo and Ask.com maps – all in road and aerial/satellite versions.

Outside business, I won’t even start to list the variety of games, entertainment, health-watching and what-not-proggies that are available for the humble mobile. Most are free, the few that are not are cheap. And they won’t fill your memory – probably your entire collection of apps will occupy as much as a single video clip or MP3 song (for which today’s phones are equipped with more and more memory).

I didn’t insert any URLs – because all of this can be found at a single place that I have often recommended: GetJar (no, it’s not my site and I am not paid to promote it ).

If Java apps aren’t your game, you can still do practically everything you do on a PC via a browser. If the one that came with your handset is somewhat primitive, try Opera Mini or the mod I recommended elsewhere.

Enjoy your flat-rate – and your mobile life!




Keep them coming ..

My 2007 resolution: Living a truly mobile life ..


My 2007 resolution is: To live a truly ‘mobile’ life

The basic idea is to use the phone as much as possible and reduce my dependence on the PC. So, to do this, I will identify a series of services and then try and see if I can use them on the phone (for instance booking train tickets, booking cinema tickets, read etc). Within reason of course!

What ‘services’ can you think of which can be used (and also sites which you recommend)?

I am using a Blackberry from Vodafone and a Nokia N73 as part of the 3 X series connection (hence fixed price network for 3).

That’s my main motivation i.e. given that a service is fixed price, how many can I use?

Thoughts and web sites welcome (even your own). Happy to blog about it and link back to you

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I got my 3 X series phone (Nokia N73)


As per my previous post about the three X series phone, I got my 3 X series phone (Nokia N73) – including the slingbox.

Even before I bought it(rather upgraded) my existing connection, a couple of interesting observations.

Firstly, the X-series is not available in other retail stores (such as Carphone warehouse). It is only available in 3’s own stores. This is an increasing trend with both Vodafone and

Orange dropping other retail outlets in favour of their own stores . 3 is also

following trend that by keeping it’s best deals at its own stores – (and few would doubt that the 3 X series deal is one of the best deals in the market at the moment). I had pointed to the wider implications of this trend in an earlier post Why has the mobile entertainment industry suddenly discovered User Generated Content?

That said, it was not easy to find a ‘3’ store even from their own site. The ‘store finder’ simply returns a whole bunch of stores and it is not possible to know which store is a ‘3’ store (hence where I can get the X series phone). (It seems this problem is now being fixed on the web site)

Worse, the 3 help desk woman kept redirecting me to the ‘Harrow on the hill’ carphone warehouse (the closest to my postcode). Ofcourse, that was no good for the X series.

So, I have finally got my phone now from the Oxford Circus store – watch this space!

Get well wishes for fellow blogger – Chang Kim – web20asia (Seoul) ..


One of the joys of blogging is – you form friendships with people all over the world. Chang Kim of web 2.0 Asia is one such friend. Always a pleasure to meet Chang when I am in Seoul

Just realised that Chang was unwell (but is better now). Chang is a great guy and very knowledgeable (one of the only English speaking bloggers from South Korea). So, best wishes to Chang and speedy recovery!