Feedback on my talk at 3GSM ..


Hello all,

It was great to meet so many of you at my 3GSM session – many meeting me for the first time.

From the feedback I have been getting, it went great! This was my first attempt at chairing a session and also speaking at it, and it was certainly well attended and with good Q and A.

Ofcourse, I was fortunate in having a great panel in Jon von Tetzchner Chief Executive Officer Opera Software, Alex Kummerman Chief Executive Officer Clicmobile and David Wood Executive Vice President, Symbian Research. Thanks Jon, David and Alex and also Byrne Harris and his team at 3GSM

If you attended it and want to leave us some feedback, please contact me at ajit.jaokar at and I shall post your comments here(both positive and negative!). I am also happy to link back to you. (I have had some problems posting comments on this blog which I am trying to fix, so to be safe please email me)

Besides readers of my books and this blog, many forumoxford members attended it and below is some feedback from forumoxford member David doherty of 3gdoctor

Thanks for the feedback David and its nice to be compared to Tomi :) . I shall try and get the presentations and post them.

For the people who couldn’t attend i wanted to let the forum know that today i was in the audience at the Technology Breakout Session moderated by Ajit Jaokar that was contributed to with presentations from the likes of Operas Jon Bon Tetzchner & Symbians David Woods.

I wonder if Ajit could possibly provide the forum with his and the presenters slides so they too can benefit from these excellent insights?

The Symbian presentation was best in show and Ajit really set the tempo to leave more than enough time for participation (which has sadly been absent from most of the other sessions). Last time i had so much fun at a 3gsm was when i first discovered Tomi Ahonen – pacing up and down in his keynote address at Cannes re: churn management of hidden alpha users.

Well done Ajit…