Dion Hinchcliffe launches the Web20University ..

Dion Hinchcliffe is a Web 2.0 pioneer and is also a good friend. Dion is totally committed to the ethos of Web 2.0 and in partnership with O’Reilly, the firm that introduced Web 2.0 to the industry, Hinchcliffe and co have launched the Web20University. Knowing Dion and the depth of his thinking, I have no hesitation at all in recommending the courses being held in various parts of the USA(Please see their web site for details)

Hinchcliffe and co are a platinum sponsor at the web20 expo and you can meet Dion and co there.

Some excepts from their official email about their bootcamps are as below

Designed for business executives and technical leaders alike, these

intensive one-day courses help you understand the potent set of new

business models and technologies known as Web 2.0. Whether you’re with an

established Fortune 500 firm, an Internet startup, or a government

agency, you’ll learn the actionable strategies, design patterns, and best

practices needed to rapidly bridge your organization’s products and

services into the new online world of Web 2.0.

The meteoric rise and industry dominance of Internet sites like YouTube,

MySpace, and Google shows just how quickly traditional business models

and companies — from broadcasting to publishing to financial services –

are being eclipsed by fundamentally new Web 2.0 approaches that harness

collective intelligence, leverage The Long Tail, and maintain control

over hard-to-recreate data, to name just three.

Web 2.0 has clearly captured the world’s imagination as evidenced

by appearances on the cover of Time, Newsweek, and on major TV news

shows. Hundreds of new Web 2.0 companies have been formed in the last

year alone. More importantly, business leaders are increasingly hearing

this call to action. Major corporations including American Express, AOL,

GM and XM Radio are now actively embracing Web 2.0 concepts.