wow! Tim Wu comments on my blog about net neutrality ..

I am flattered! Tim Wu posted this comment on my blog Of OpenGardens, Walled Gardens, Tim Wu, Net Neutrality, Carterfone and IMS

This is indeed very welcome. Thanks for this Tim! Happy that some of my views will form a part of future versions of Tim’s document. We will all benefit if the Telecoms industry changes it’s Status Quo

Tim’s comments as below:

Thanks for these very helpful comments.

Let me respond to the point about whether carterfone can work for data. The question is whether vertical cooperation is necessary to the provision of data services. I’d say, following your example, sometimes, but to a degree which can be easily exaggerated.

The rest of the comments are helpful and will be reflected in a new version of the paper.

As for the use of the term net neutrality. The only part of the paper that directly address net neutrality issues is the broadband discrimination on 3G networks issue. But the title was useful for helping people get what the paper was broadly about.


  1. Gustav says:

    Believe that man. Phone 191 and you will, as a vaued customer, get straight through to a real live human, based in the UK.
    However, that’s only helpful if you need help. The problem you pose is how can Vodafone answer the questions you haven’t asked, and make sure that they don’t give you an answer that should have gone to someone else. Telcos make a big thing about owning the customer relationship, so they should know enough to deliver what you need. They just need to be a bit braver about reading people’s minds.

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

    Thanks Gustav. I said in another blog entry that Vodafone as an Opeator is great – and thats why there are few touch points with them. Thanks for your comments