Bill of rights for the social web ..

Bill of rights for the social web is a great idea considering my previous post Beyond Web 2.0: The social web or the semantic web ? and the rise of the Umbrella social networks and the idea of the social network being the first point of contact to what we currently call the Web, the Mobile Web and the Enterprise.

The fulfillment of an umbrella social network definately needs the social network to be an open network.

Thanks to Dr John Breslin for pointing this out to me

Re umbrella social networks .. from my last post ..


It can be summarised as ‘facebook(or similar) as your primary interface to the Web’.

The idea is – we “log in’ to a single profile on our social network. The resultant social network then becomes an ‘umbrella’ network encompassing your Web, Mobile Web and even the Enterprise Web. The concept of umbrella social networks becomes even more powerful when presence is added to the mix.

This is a concern to many including Google. Many people no longer use email because email is replaced by facebook messages. If your entire web experience is replaced by facebook and the advertising for facebook is exclusively from Microsoft .. this is clearly a threat for Google(and a master move on behalf of Microsoft). So, already we are seeing some moves in this direction – and one can expect some response from Google to this.

(Note: I can’t find the reference but JP Rangaswami had spoken of a similar idea – which I call ‘umbrella social networks’ – in one of his blogs. If I find the blog, I shall link it.)

To really work, this idea needs a fine grained privacy control and an open social network. But it is not so strange to think that our entire web experience may be driven from a facebook(or similar) profile. Facebook is already courting the enterprise

Also, in the article 15 reasons Facebook may be worth $15bn, here are some insights ..

7. Facebook is the new web: The decision to open up the network to outside developers turned Facebook into a destination for many uses, like messaging, photos and video. Of course, as Facebook is on the web it could never really be the new web.

11. Facebook messaging is the new e-mail. Everyone feels stressed from a deluge of e-mail from unwanted people and companies. But Facebook messages are always from friends.

12. Facebook’s “status updates” have become the easiest way to let friends know what you are doing and how you are feeling at any given moment.