Am I the only one who uses Gmail with Blackberry .. and what does it say for mobile apps ..

I wonder if I am the exception here ..

Like many people I am addicted to gmail and love it

so much so that I use it on my blackberry(as a downloadable app or in browser mode)

Is this an exception?

What does it say for mobile applications? i.e. if I have an excellent web application .. people will want to use it on the phone .. rather than get a phone specific app

Having said that, gmail interface on the phone is excellent .. so thats another indication .. maybe online apps will need lots of ui people for mobile?

I was also intrigued by the fact that I am ignoring the best function of the blackberry (push email) in favour of gmail and using the device as a glorified keyboard. This does favour the SAAS theory(software as a service which is supported by Cloud computing and is device agnostic)

PS: William Volk says that he also uses GMail via the iPod Touch email app, also gets his corporate mail (POP) this way.

So, I dont feel so wierd any more!

Interesting to see any other views ..


  1. PaulSweeney says:

    Use gmail to spam filter my corporate email, and any other email accounts. So all my mail goes through gmail. What I like about getting my mail through my regular bb setup is it has the flow of email and sms in the one place. That might change when grand central comes on line. And with google app cloud well wow anything could happen.

  2. Christian Laroche says:

    I do the same!
    the lack of easy classification of mail on BB is a pain for me and Gmail fills that void very well. So indeed, my BB has become – now that I think of it – a glorified keyboard (which it does well!).
    Actually all of my e-mails (hotmail, gmail, – even the corporate ones (we use Notes, go figure!) – end up in my Gmail account.
    Also, the “contacts” handling is quite friendly for people using the mobile Gmail on something else than a qwerty-enabled smartphone.
    All and all, I’m thinking you’re on to something here with using gmail as a good example of SaaS-ish behaviour in the mobile world.

  3. Yop says:

    I’m not sure about you but I always use my trustworthy iphone. It never fails me. Blueberry is brilliant but has less features.
    Well, that’s my 2 cents.

  4. Ajit Jaokar says:

    Thanks Paul, Christian, Yop. Its great to get all your responses and makes me feel less wierd :) kind rgds Ajit

  5. You hinted at the increasing need for UI staff for the mobile domain which I think is very likely.
    Widgets are a good example of this. While the conversion of web widgets to mobile web-runtime widgets is relatively easy to automate from a coding perspective there are no good algorithms or rules that can make a widget converted to mobile look pretty (excepting simple RSS style widgets).
    As web apps are converted for mobile (using web technologies) I see more work coming up for UI designers…..and maybe less for coders!

  6. Anthony says:

    As a UI designer specializing in the mobile space, I definitely hope the strong growth in the mobile industry — both for clients and mobile-ready web sites — continues!
    Not only is working in the mobile space a lot of fun (hello, cool new device testing!), but there are so many interesting challenges to working on small devices, plus a lot of cool new projects and technologies.

  7. Demetri says:

    I do the same. I recently discovered that my google calendar can syn with my blackberry calender via google’s mobile sync. I am loving it.