LBS is definately back ..

LBS is derfinately back and will be big

KEY difference is this time it is not driven by operators

See this post from Tom Hume for the resons why.

As an industry, we have had many a false dawn with respect to LBS – this time we have a good chance of success


  1. Alex Craxton says:

    Hi Ajit, and interestingly enough the MoMoLondon event on July 14th will be looking at the latest trends in LBS and we are finalising speakers looking at technologies outside of the typical network operator models …
    Cheers, Alex (MoMoLondon)

  2. Rainer says:

    Yes, the rules are definitely changing as LBS start to follow the architecture of the Internet – with smartness moving out of the network, into the endpoints. Also wrote a post on that some time ago: