.mobi in the world of new changes from ICANN

My first impression as I read the ICANN announcement .. – what is the future of .mobi in this world?

With so many domain types – wont it be confusing? Will people bother to ‘bid’ for more?

Will we see new arrivals (for instance .mobileafrica to denote African mobile sites)?

Do we take it that ICANN sees a new business model here? This announcement is not as rosy as it sounds

From the BBC link above


It is not a view shared by everyone. Many businesses have pointed out that the new system could be very costly.

“The major issue with the potentially large number of new TLDs is going to be for brand owners who will want to protect their trademarks,” said Mr Eggensperger.

“For a major pharmaceutical business, the cost of registering all of their trademarks when a new trademark is released runs into hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

Others point out that some generic domain names – such as .news or .sport – could become subject to contention and a bidding war.

Icann has said that it was “aware of all of the concerns” and that it had “considered them very carefully”.



  1. karl says:

    There can be an opportunity here. Imagine that it is too costly to protect everything, that finally it doesn’t matter anymore after a while. People will engage in more important things than protecting the name and compete on the interests of their own web site. It will take time to change mindsets, but it can happen.