Chang Kim’s startup TNC acquired by Google


TNC acquired by Google.jpg

It is not every day that you can say that your friend’s company is acquired by Google .. but I woke up this morning to an email from an old friend in Seoul – Chang Kim. I have known Chang from his days in Samsung .. and blogged about him as early as 2006 when he had just left Samsung to form a new company. And today – I wake up this morning to find that they have been acquired by Google.

Could not have happened to a nicer person! And with baby Issac earlier this year, this has been a good year for the Kims :)

Great work Chang.

This is also good news for Google in Korea .. not many people know that Google is NOT the market leader in Korea – that honour goes to the Korean search engine Naver . So, Google plays catchup in this market – making this acquisition even more significant – and i believe it is one of the first acquisitions of Google in this part of the world

Chang is organizing OpenWeb Asia which looks to be a must attend event in Seoul next month

Well done Chang!


  1. john j says:

    Congrats on the acquisition. Always nice to get acquired by Google. What type of company exactly?