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This post gives my thoughts for the new year and also outlines the thinking behind our new site Mobile Web Megatrends – which has evolved from our first Mobile Web Megatrends event at the University of Berkeley California last year. I am posting draft copies of my forthcoming books on this site along with other content like videos from our Berkeley event. More details below along with why I think the Mobile Web will be significant going forward this year

Also, this is my second recession/downturn as an entrepreneur in the last ten years. This can be a scary time – it is also a time where co-operation and collaboration can make a big difference. So, I am happy to help you if I can – with any way possible – contacts, introductions, job changes etc etc. You can contact me at ajit.jaokar at

Firstly, wish you a Happy New Year ..

For many of us economically, the last year was difficult .. and the next year may be more so .. and we all know that the mobile and telecoms industry cannot be immune to these global trends ..

Yet, the Economist sounds an optimistic note with the prediction that – from the world’s poorest countries to the very richest, the demand for mobile phones will not be derailed by tougher economic times.

Another reason for optimism is – much of what we as an industry have been predicting(hyping :) ) for the last few years(like Location based services) is finally becoming mainstream. The recession does not really impact that trend.

Nonetheless, it will be a time to look at technologies and trends which are already mainstream and do not require additional significant investment to get started.

One of these is the Mobile Web.

I have been an advocate for the Mobile Web for quite some time and last September, along with Larry Lockhart , I created a conference called the Mobile Web Megatrends – which we launched at the University of Berkeley – an apt place to launch radical concepts! With participation from Nokia, Opera, Gemalto, Michael Mace, iLoop mobile, infoGin, OMTP, MyNumo, Skyfire, Oracle and many others – it was a great event. Subsequently, it was a pleasure to collaborate with Chetan Sharma who has now also partnered with us in creating the Mobile Web Megatrends report

As we saw at the Mobile Web Megatrends conference, the ‘Mobile Web’ has become more complex – and includes many elements like Offline processing(Google Gears), APIs(GSMA Network APIs, OMTP Bondi etc), Cloud computing and many other ideas. Going forward, I expect that the Mobile Web will be an even more exciting place as these trends evolve to become mainstream. This blog gives a complete taxonomy of the Mobile Web we are considering for Mobile Web Megatrends Mobile Web Ecosystem – taxonomy

This year promises to be even more significant with Device manufacturers like Nokia introducing innovative services like image based mobile search applications , LG introducing the first 3G+HSDPA phone , the definition of the ‘Web’ extending to the SIM with Smart card web server technologies and so on.

And all this as the true impact of Android will be fully felt in 2009

Since September, we have been evolving the site and the conference. The conference is now global with the next event in Singapore in April 2009. The site also has a lot of (free) content to the site.

Already the videos from the Berkeley event are live and starting in January, we also launch our free fortnightly newsletter covering the latest Mobile Web trends. This will be a personal viewpoint but you can also suggest links for consideration. I also plan to post draft chapters from forthcoming books – starting with the book Implementing Mobile Web 2.0 – which is on the site now.

So, you get a free fortnightly analysis on the latest developments and trends within the Mobile Web( as per the comprehensive Mobile Web Ecosystem taxonomy ) , Free videos and draft copies of my forthcoming books.

Chetan Sharma and I are also creating a report called Mobile Web Megatrends where we model the uptake of key technologies and you can get a discount on this report when it launches.

This will be free (ad supported) and we would also be grateful if you can contribute to some surveys.

You can register free at Mobile Web Megatrends

So, many exciting times ahead for 2009 ..

Wish you a happy new year again and it’s a great pleasure to work with Larry and Chetan and

I also look forward to seeing you at Mobile Web Megatrends

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