itsmy – Free Mobile Social Networking Survey


Our friends at itsmy have released an impressive survey of mobile social networking. Itsmy is one of the world’s most active pure mobile communities conducted a survey amongst 15,000 active users worldwide and discovered interesting details about mobile social networking usage in US and Europe.

The survey covers questions like

Is the mobile community a part of your life?

How do you communicate with your closest friends or family the MOST?

What are you reading more frequently: Emails or community messages?

How different is the content: videos, pictures, messages… of your mobile phone compared to that on your computer/pc?

Are you able to use an online community on your computer at work, university?

How many times do you visit ?

What is your FAVORITE activity on itsmy?

How many Community Messages per day per user sent

Number of – friendship connections- per active user

How many really good friends do you have in itsmy?

Page views per active user/day

Does the current economic situation stop you from surfing mobile internet and spend

money for mobile services?

Will you surf mobile communities more actively, if you have faster mobile internet access and a better mobile phone?

Internet usage in the future: How will you access internet?

You can download the complete survey

Complete Survey – PDF download: HERE


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