The phone becomes a magic wand to the cloud services: Mobile sensor based interface to the cloud to jump start the Internet of things ..

Mobile sensor based interface to the cloud to jump start the Internet of things.jpg

I have been experimenting with this idea for my keynote at the LUCID project

a) For the Internet of things to take off, we are trying to get network layer connectivity

b) In practice it means RFID, NFC, EPC etc should all talk to each other for Internet of things to be really ubiquitous

c) This does not currently happen and history has shown that network layer connectivity is hard

d) Tim O Reilly had an article about Sensor mobile based interface to the cloud – which I find very interesting

d) Specifically, to extrapolate Tim’s ideas further, it is possible to achieve ‘best case’ i.e. good enough interconnectivity between the various ‘Intelligent objects’ at the Cloud level .. (And not at the network level)

e) In practice, this could mean as a starting point ..

1) Using voice to do Google web search

2) Using accelerometer to trigger applications

3) Recognize the motion of the car and switch to voice dialing

And much much more!!

I used the analogy of a magic want based on a childhood favourite cartoon character Wendy the good little witch to illustrate the idea that interconnect for Internet of things could be achieved via the Cloud by using sensor based mobile devices – kind of like waving the phone as a magic wand to trigger sensors via the cloud which will trigger new services ..



  1. Raimo says:
  2. MysticMonkey says:

    The wand idea has been around for a while but just becoming realisable with the advent of the magnetometer and accelerometer as standards on phones. You might want to check this out