The taxonomy of Open – The ten meanings of Open ..

I spoke about this in my talk at CEBIT in Hannover and thought it should be just a blog on its own listing the different meanings of the word ‘open’. For a more detailed look see the video from the link above

The Internet drives ‘Open’ but Open means many things to many people …

1) Open source – and especially it’s impact on devices – Android

2) Open standards – W3C standards

3) Open APIs i.e. Application Programming Interfaces – for instance access to Location APIs

4) Open access (freedom to contact anyone on the network),

5) Open choice of enablers (for example – the ability to choose your billing system),

6) Data portability (ownership of your data)

7) The ability to access any application (i.e. not just the provider’s application) a.k.a the classic ‘Walled Garden’ debate – On deck/ Off deck

8) ‘Open’ in relationship to the Cloud

9) Impact on developers and a shift in value to the edge of the network

10) Low barriers of entry for third party developers

From a mobile perspective, ‘Open’ in the purest sense means to be like the PC – i.e. individuals are not tied to a network or to a device. Anyone can simply ‘log on’ to the network or device using their credentials anywhere