The Web just moved and Telecoms just lost another control point

I have long followed disruptive trends especially developments across the stack(and I include the Web and Social networking as a part of the Telecoms stack).

Value is increasingly being abstracted to higher levels of the stack i.e. to the Web and Social networks and is being decoupled from Telecom networks.

If you have not noticed it, the Web just moved.

Both facebook and Twitter have almost simultaneously introduced verified identities in facebook names and twitter verified accounts

When the Web drivesTelecoms, the Web always wins ..

So, what does this mean for mobile apps?

Link this to an older gizmodo story about facebook connect for iphone apps and you see why this is very significant ..

Apps will be able to link up to and share data with your Facebook account, so your identity will be consistent and linked across apps through your Facebook account

Telecoms has always prided in ‘knowing the Identity/customer’ – that just went away

Once you have a ‘verified identity’ all sorts of services can come on top of it .. and these services will be network agnostic .. You can tie the Identity back to both Location and the social graph via facebook

Interesting ..