Do single factors drives purchase of mobile devices? If so which ones?

This blog was driven by a few thoughts

a) My previous post on how to classify mobile devices Into how many categories could we segment mobile devices?

b) Samsung star’s success

c) And an observation that Dell claims to have a laptop with 19 hrs of battery life ..

To me that 19hrs is a critical factor for laptop choice i.e. a single factor will be the influencer of purchase decisions ..

So. when it comes to mobile,

a) Can the same be true

and Is so i.e. if single factors drives purchase of mobile devices

b) which factors could they be?

and No , I don’t think for conventional people ‘open’ is a key factor!

But here goes

a) looks

b) price

c) camera resolution

d) Brand

e) Apps! ??

f) QWERTY keyboard(for me!)

f) touch screen

h) Network speed

i) Data plan(all you can eat)

For the average buyer, the choice is very complex and also similar. So, I would argue that they wont bother to make a ‘like for like’ comparison

Some more thoughts ..

Zahid Ghadialy had an interesting presentation

which I have used as an inspiration to get the following potential factors for selection of devices


Screen, battery life, search(ability to)




Clicks(to navigate)


Browse, find(people, friends, love), share, to operate, apps installation

Improved interface

Voice command

Touch screen

QWERTY keyboard


Help when lost

Basic questions answer

Traffic/weather information

Security and monitoring


Retrieve / erase information when phone lost


Sync with multiple phones

What is clear to me is: the minimum criteria has changed .. and at the same time diversity has increased. So, the single factor argument may well hold true ..


  1. James says:

    Perhaps the most single important factor in mobile device choice for most people is: Battery Life. How often do I have to charge this thing? Will it run out of power when I *need* it.
    An example of a non-telephony device where power is the key factor in usage: I have two ipods – used daily – to listen to music. I have a Teclast TL -X19 mp3 player for audiobooks and podcasts. The Teclast device is tiny, has a horrible UI and only 4GB capacity – it’s battery life is 72 hours. It charges from USB2 in about 2 hours. I plug it in to charge/delete/load. A perfectly functional device.

  2. Dave says:

    Great question overall. I have to think one of the carriers has surveyed their customers on this topic.
    Have any studies on this topic been made public?
    It’s tough to apply conventional wisdom to a question like this when the respondents are all on the leading edge of technology, and probably don’t represent normal consumer perceptions.