Pokarekare Ana – Hayley Westenra version

YouTube is amazing for its ability to create a shared global culture and here is a beautiful rendering of a very nice New Zealand song (the language is Maori but with English subtitles)

I first heard it when I was in New Zealand( one of my three nationalities!) but I really like this version

If you are interested in the history and meaning of this song see Pokarekare Ana

As for most people, this song has memories of a woman for me .. and more generally of my time in New Zealand.

I hope you also enjoy it

As per YouTube,

This version is sung by Hayley Westenra, and some pictures of her from the album “Odyssey”… The English translation comes from the booklet of her CD “Pure”.

For other songs by Hayley Westenra see her site

Hayley Westenra or on twitter @hayleywestenra