I have a new hobby .. Buying comic books from eBay!


I have a new hobby .. Buying comic books from eBay!

I have long referenced comics in this blog .. Blogging: Of Tom and Jerry and craving the friction of a human being and recently I discovered that some of the relatively rare comics that I like are on eBay!

I spent a lot of my childhood reading comics from the Silver age and Bronze age of comics.

I am not THAT old! But those comics were in India when I grew up.

My pride and joy is a 1955 collectors item Tom and Jerry digest edition I bought last week and I paid a lot more than the 25c sticker price on it! Ha ha!

But in any case, I like the comics from that age .. a more kinder, gentler age especially Gold Key comics. One of these days, futuretext may even get into publishing comics … but meanwhile if you are selling any of the below, I am interested or even if you want to have a conversation!

i already have every Tintin and Asterix ever published and also a lot of Snoopy(Charles Schulz) but also interested in these!

* The Beagle Boys (Walt Disney’s)

* Beep Beep the Road Runner

* Beetle Bailey

* Bugs Bunny

* Bullwinkle and Rocky

* Daffy Duck

* Donald Duck (Walt Disney’s)

* Fireball XL5

* Flash Gordon

* The Flintstones

* The Funky Phantom

* Korak, Son of Tarzan

* Huey, Dewey and Louie, Junior Woodchucks

* Little Lulu

* The Lone Ranger

* The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

* Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney’s)

* Moby Duck (Walt Disney’s)

* The Phantom

* Porky Pig

* Super Goof (Walt Disney’s)

* Tarzan

* Tom and Jerry

* Tweety and Sylvester

* Uncle Scrooge

* Walt Disney Comics Digest

* Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories

* Walt Disney’s Showcase

* Woody Woodpecker

* Yosemite Sam (and Bugs Bunny)