The harman Bajwa facebook vanity page episode: What happens when facebook auctions YOUR Identity to the highest bidder and masquerades as the WEB

The harman Bajwa facebook vanity page episode.JPG

Techcrunch does a great job of showcasing the harman Bajwa facebook vanity page incident .. and it has profound implications

In a nutshell,

There is a guy called Harman Bajwa

who owns the facebook vanity domain

facebook has revoked it for allegedly ‘impersonating’ Harman international

And retrospectively sold it to Harman International presumably

with whom they are ‘working’

If your name happens to be ‘Harman’ – I think it is legitimate that you try to get the facebook vanity name ‘Harman’

This has profound implications

Facebook is a site … It is not the web

That’s why I don’t support such proprietary implementations MASQUERADING as the Open Web

This is an interesting episode and lets see how it develops but good on techcrunch again for this post

Pic – the REAL Harman Bajwa (as far as I am concerned!)


Facebook gives back Harman his name and apologises

That’s good news :)


  1. Gammydodger says:

    Who owns what anymore. If I create a virtual online space, parcel off that space and create handles for each parcel, whose space is it to sell? – mine I’d say. The fact that I might have leased off that space and allowed the lessee to specify a handle does not entitle the lessee to own that handle.
    As you say, “Facebook is a site … It is not the web”. Same goes for Twitter ID’s. ICANN has long and well deliberated policies to manage the same thing ( Do we believe that Facebook and Twitter are now our world? If this is (sadly) true, then we need them to research, develop and enforce a rigorous set of protocols.
    The vanity URL discussion may be symbolic, but it’s trivial matter when compared to the vast amounts of our personal data that Facebook is currently “custodian” of and is gradually violating in order to support its revenue model.

  2. Annette says:

    Thank you for a very intresting post.

  3. Great post thanks!