Google – Italy verdict: A sad day for privacy laws and the Net ..

A sad day for privacy laws and the Net .. The Google – Italy verdict is ridiculous

Richard Thomas, the UK’s former information commissioner and consultant to privacy law firm Hunton & Williams, “It is like prosecuting the post office for hate mail that is sent in the post,” he told BBC News. and I agree ..

This sets a bad precedent and also makes the position of other Web firms(and today, every firm is a Web firm) .. unclear.

It is bad for Italy and for doing business in Italy.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I beg to differ.
    Google/YouTube need to take full responsibility for the content that appears on their network and apply full safeguards like any other business. Afterall, this 3rd party content is prime reason for Advertisement revenues that Google enjoys.
    It’s time Googles of the world stop having a free ride on top of everyone else in the name of innovation