Mobile world congress numbers are significantly up from last year and as an industry we are adding real value ..

Lots more insights coming from Mobile World Congress 2010 , but here is a thought ..

I have been thinking of policy due to my work in the World Economic Forum and European Union

On Monday morning, I read the International Herald Tribune headlines in my hotel lobby which said the investment banks have colluded with certain countries to hide debt

In contrast, for the rest of the day, this year’s MWC showed an INCREASE in numbers defying the general economic doom and gloom .. (50,000 estimated by Informa)

It shows that MWC2010 is already a success and that’s great to see ..

We, as an industry have real customers, are creating real value and continue to connect people globally, empower them and enrich them ..

Something politicians and policy makers should note ..

The event is already a success in my view .. If you are not here, you are missing something big .. as the industry matures, we see real value, profits, growth and innovation