Some very smart people whose thinking I follow and the best one line description of Heisenberg’s theory I have ever seen ..

I spent the last week in Washington DC at the at the transatlantic week in Washington DC. It was an occasion to meet some very clued on folk I have the had the pleasure of knowing for a while.

Recommend you follow them on their blogs/twitter etc:

MEP James Elles,



Prof Jun murai father of the Japanese Internet

US CTO @AneeshChopra

Prof Greg morrisett of Harvard

MEP pilar del castillo vera

Peter Linton – EIF

Cristina Monti – EIF

Craig Mundie Microsoft

Prof John Wood

Erika Mann


Dr Jim Foster

And this is cool ..

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Prof John Wood at previous occasions and it was great to meet him again this week

In his talk, he had probably the best one like description of Heinsenberg‘s Uncertainty Principle ..

When he said it, I had to write it down .. and here it is ..

If you know where you are AND if you know where you are going THEN you don’t know where you are!

Ha ha!

Anyway, it was a great event with lots to learn!