The Mobile Web influencers list – the background

I have long been an advocate of the mobile web and specifically w3c web standards and the vision of One Web.

In one sense, this view can be seen to be idealistic in an era dominated by the iPhone and other technologies.

However, the ethos of the Web has a longer lifetime than commercial successes of specific products in the medium term.

Earlier this year, in a post jointly authored by Dr Nick Allott, I asked if 2011 was the year of the Mobile Web. In that post, we argued that the Mobile Web has a specific meaning in terms of Open standards and that increasingly the future of the Mobile Web will be intertwined with that of open source.

The viewpoint that the Mobile Web will dominate Mobile apps (or vice versa) is sexy and gets a lot of coverage. But as we say in the post, the revolution, when arrives, will not be tweeted i.e. it will be a quiet revolution

Indeed, one could say that the revolution is already here and many would not agree that the Mobile Web, in 2011, is an increasingly dominant paradigm.

This brings us to the Mobile Web influencers list.

The original idea came to me simply because I wanted to demonstrate that there is a world in mobile beyond the native apps and that it is growing at a fantastic pace.

Also, that the world of mobile web is driven by the work of many talented individuals who are doing some great work in this space

The original tweet I posted a week ago asking for #mobileweb #influencers got some immediate feedback. Among the suggestions, a small group of names kept reappearing. To this these names form the core group in the list. To this, I will add names of people who I personally know and also people and companies shaping the future of the mobile web – for example – in the domain of the Internet of Things such as @Webof things which I highly recommend

The Mobile Web has come a long way and indeed it has a long way to go and this list could be a small community effort to highlight it’s significance

So, suggestions and comments welcome.

I would like to thank @torgo and @bryanrieger for their help in the suggestions.

We will also feature interviews with the influencers on this blog

While this is a human curated list, i.e. by me :) , I am not using a specific metric such as peerindex. Instead, the objective is simply to create a list which is useful for the community.

In the next post, later this week, I will list the names of the individuals who are influencers for the mobile web. It will be a ‘living list’ and I will update it regularly.

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  1. Dave Marutiak says:

    Great idea, Ajit, and I’m sure you’ll do a bang up job of it. Looking forward to the list, but even more so the rationale.

  2. ajit says:

    thanks Dave :)

  3. A list of lists might be an obvious extension. Could become an excellent reference point for us mWeb guys. Good luck on the *first* list!

  4. ajit says:

    thanks Rotan!